Waleed Dakkak Resume

Waleed AbdulWahab M J Dakkak

Current Location: Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Contact No: +966 505547221 Email: wdakkak@daqqaq.com


Senior Management Profile



Executive Summary



  • Qualified senior management professional with over 26 years of experience in the Service and Hospitality industries encompassing training, academics, operations and HR across diverse organizations.
  • Holder of The American ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification and trainer for Teller for the First National Bank Salt Lake City during Education.
  • Proficient in conducting Industry Related Trainings & Development Workshops, utilizing new training and development techniques and interventions by maintaining contact with organizational development and training associations.
  • Skilled in development & implementation of strategic initiatives aimed at enhancement of market shares & revenues; accelerating success by assessing risks, testing innovative ideas, and maintaining motivational approach even through major challenges.
  • Highly organized and client-focused, having outstanding skills in interacting with clients, understanding their requirements and accordingly devising customized solutions.
  • Proven ability in developing/ maintaining effective operational plans, financial control systems and budgetary controls for maintaining organizational bottom lines.
  • Demonstrated expertise to lead and motivate large cross-functional and multi-cultural teams to maximize productivity, ensuring alignment of trainings to business requirements.



Key Skills


ª  Strategic Planning

ª  Operational Excellence

ª  Sr Management Representation

ª  Budget & Resource Management

ª  Liaison & Coordination

ª  Policy Implementation

ª  Quality Assurance

ª  Training & Development

ª  Project Leadership

ª  Client Relationship Management

ª  Business Development

ª  Team Leadership




Professional Experience



Freelance International Certified Trainer (Jun 2015 - Present)

Self Employed, Madinah, Saudi Arabia




  • Aside from my knowledge in management, ability to motivate and inspire clients that makes them successful. 
  • Development, Professional, dedication, training, and results.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct training sessions for private companies on operating in the field of hotel and restaurant management as well as culinary skills.
  • Organize classes on food & beverage management and hotel management aligned to international hospitality standards.
  • Prepare and present feasibility studies for hospitality projects to assist potential entrepreneurs in finalizing on projects and other related factors.
  • Interact with clients for collating and evaluating requirements and designing customized training sessions. Highlight potential operational bottlenecks to clients for implementing effective remedial measures.









Area Operation Director (Jun 2014 – Jun 2015)

Bafakih & Dakkak Company "Subway", Madinah, Saudi Arabia




  • Skilled Leadership, Conflict Management, Business Negotiation, Organization, Decision-Making, People Management, Data Entry Skills, Data Processing Skills, Dependable, Reporting Skills, Deadline-Oriented, Budget Development, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, Planning and Organizing Communication Skills, Persuasiveness, Influencing and Leading Delegation, Team Work, Negotiation, Adaptability, Stress Tolerance.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Involved in end to end management of Subway restaurants encompassing human resource, staffing and training.
  • Collaborated with the senior leadership team in developing HR philosophy to match with new program strategy through one on one meetings, focus group discussion and rollouts.
  • Prepared cost estimates for the HR department, define L&D Metrics, Develop & Reward Metrics including retention cost of international and national staff.
  • Developed business case for enhancing operational efficiency. Evaluate HR manual/ handbooks for national and international staff.
  • Updated business status to the senior management and other stakeholders using detailed reports and presentations to enable effective decision making.



Assistant Professor and Head of F&B Dept. (Apr 2011 – Dec 2013)

Faisal University, Prince Sultan Collage, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia




  • Leadership, Conflict Management, Organization, Decision-Making, People Management, Dependable, Reporting Skills, Deadline-Oriented, Budget Development, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, Planning and Organizing Communication Skills, Influencing and Leading Delegation, Team Work, Negotiation, Adaptability, Stress Tolerance,


Key Responsibilities:

  • Conducted classes on Management, F&B Operation & Management, Human Resource Management and Office Management.
  • Evaluated students using tutorials and formal evaluations, producing evaluation summaries and providing feedback to the senior management team.
  • Designed / implemented tools to evaluate individual student’s requirements based on identified weaknesses and rendered improvement feedback.
  • Compiled and maintained updated documentation related to teaching on modules or courses based on academic and operational requirements.
  • Guided students in various projects and assignments including career development and other related issues.



Chief Executive Officer (Apr 2004 – Jun 2017)

 Daqqaq International Group for Operation & Management Development, Madinah, Saudi Arabia




  • Functioned as Consultant and Director of operation for the 4 star at the Orchid hotel in Jeddah with direct supervision of operations for implementing the highest measures of customer service and quality.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Prepared and implemented annual business plans aligned to organizational goals, milestones and metrics. Set up new teams, roles and responsibilities based on business as well as operational requirements.
  • Developed rapport with key decision makers across existing client & prospect organizations for effectively closing identified business deals.
  • Collaborated with various support teams in identifying/ developing new business opportunities aimed at new business acquisition/ expansion of existing businesses.
  • Guided team members in planning/ scheduling processes to enhance operational efficiency. Interacted with company team managers in aligning knowledge, processes to future strategies.
  • Optimized resource utilization, streamline processes to enhance operational enhance operational efficiency as well as organizational bottom lines.


Major Projects:

  • Mystery Shopper for McDonalds International Restaurant KSA (Apr 2011 – Jun 2017)
  • Opening & Operating a Chinese & Indian Restaurant in Madinah (Jan 2010 – Dec 2010)
  • Opening & Operating new pizza store (Jan 2010 – Jul 2010)
  • Managing Director Wall Street Institute School of English Madinah branches (Jun 2008 – Sept 2009)
  • Consultant & Director of Private office of Her Royal Hence the Spouse of Madinah Governor Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Majid (Jul 2007 – Dec 2014)
  • Managing the Private office of Madinah Governor Palace for HRH Prince Abdul-Aziz bin Majid and the Royal Family (Jan 2006 – Jul 2007)
  • Marketing, Management for a well known Roasteries company (Jan 2006 – Sept 2006)
  • Marketing & Sales for (Korloff, Romanson, and Winner) product watches…etc in the Western region of Saudi Arabia.
  • Managing and operating a number of Cafeterias and restaurants in the Western region of Saudi Arabia.





Previous Assignments


  • Director Western Branch, Saudi Council for health Specialties, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Mar 2004 – Oct 2004)
  • Contracted Assistant Professor, King Abdul-Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Jan 2003 – Jan 2004)
  • Jeddah District Operation Manager, Pizza Hut (Awni & Bashar Shaker Co. Ltd), Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Sep 2001 – Apr 2003)
  • Executive Manager, Wendy’s International Inc., Salt Lake City, UT. USA (Jun 1999 – Jun 2001)
  • Chief Executive Officer and Co – owner, Pizza Italia Inc., Salt Lake City, UT. USA (Jul 1992 – Apr 1999)






  • Doctorate of Business Administration correspondence in Customer Service, Trinity Collage & University – USA, Dover, Delaware (Apr 2002)
  • Masters of Business Administration correspondence in Hospitality Management, Trinity Collage & University – USA, Dover, Delaware (Aug 1999)
  • Hotel / Restaurant Management Diploma, C.S International School of Hospitality – USA, Scranton, Pennsylvania (Aug 1996)
  • Bachelors in Marketing with honor, Trinity College & University – USA, Dover, Delaware (Jun 1994)






  • English Certifications & Special English Diploma, Hamline University, Mar 1992
  • American Red Cross Certificate (CPR), American Red Cross Association, Jan 1992


Training courses and workshops:


  • E Marketing skills, the Saudi Electronic University (SEU), Aug 2017
  • Leadership and supervisor skills, the Saudi Electronic University (SEU), Aug 2017
  • Human Resource Management, the Saudi Electronic University (SEU), Sep 2016
  • Project Management Course, the Saudi Electronic University (SEU), Apr 2010
  • Advanced Basics in English Language, Academics for distance training, Sep 2009
  • Effective negotiation skills, Academics for distance training, Aug 2009
  • Preparation of Bank Documents, Academics for distance training, Jul 2009
  • Standers of obtaining the ISO certificate, Academics for distance training, Jun 2009
  • Administration Leadership, Academics for distance training, May 2009
  • Insurance Services, Academics for distance training, Apr 2009
  • Human Resource Management, Academics for distance training, Mar 2009
  • Methods of customer service, Academics for distance training, Feb 2009
  • Management of Small Business, Academics for distance training, Feb 2009
  • Tourism Guides, Academics for distance training, Jan 2009
  • Preparation of feasibility study, Academics for distance training, Jan 2009
  • Principles and foundation of public relation, Academics for distance training, Dec 2008
  • Planning Tourism Programs, Academics for distance training, Dec 2008
  • Skills of preparation of administration reports, Academics for distance training, Nov 2008
  • Hotel Reception Course, Academics for distance training, Nov 2008
  • Currencies and stocks transactions via the Internet, Academics for distance training, Oct 2008
  • Building and managing of a work team, Academics for distance training, Sep 2008
  • Strategies of Co-operative Learning, Academics for distance training, Jul 2008
  • Police investigations Course’s, I.C.S International School, Feb 1999



Personal Details


  • Nationality: Saudi
  • Date of Birth:14 March 1971
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Hobbies and Interests: Cooking, reading
  • Languages: English and Arabic
  • Address: O. Box 2106 Madinah, 41451 Saudi Arabia